Best Staff

Focusing our business exclusively in Healthcare gives A.B.MED a distinct advantage. This naturally allows us to be at the forefront of ever changing market trends and evolving legislation and means our staff has an unrivalled depth of healthcare expertise and localized knowledge. Additionally all of our trained staff has extensive recruitment experience and a genuine passion to help you.

Best Equipment

Proper management of the equipment in the laboratory is necessary to ensure accurate, reliable, and timely testing. Good equipment results in a high level of performance and greater confidence in the reliability of results. A significant benefit to the laboratory will be fewer interruptions in test performance, lower repair costs, and elimination of premature replacement of equipment. Increased safety for laboratory workers will result from well-maintained equipment.

Opening Hours

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Welcome to ABMED

And thank you for your interest in our company. You’re visiting us at a particularly remarkable time. This year marks both the 22nd anniversary of our founding medical business by Dr. Aram Aramyan, and the beginning of a new chapter in that history as, in many ways, a new company.

We have two key businesses: diagnostics, medical devices. Our sales are very well balanced across these segments, which are roughly equal in size. Direct relations with manufacturers of equipment allow us to maintain popular prices for top quality items. We hope that it will help many medical institutions to improve the standard of care in spite of present-day financial difficulties.

Each client is offered expert advice and reference materials on products to be purchased; training for physicians and technicians will be provided when needed.

ABMED is an authorized dealer of a number of world-famous companies, including:

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